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Once per week, one person will be randomly chosen to request a free sketch.
Before registrating, there are a few things you have to know:

  • Once you won a sketch, you can't request another one.
  • Sketches are small (600px x 600px) half-body drawings of one character (furry only), with no background and no adult content.
  • If I'm not feeling comfotable with your request, I can refuse it.
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~ McTaylis

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Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t been selected yet, am I still registered? Do I have to register each month?
Don’t worry and be patient! Once you’re registered, your name stays in the list until it’s selected.
119 persons are currently registered, you have 0.84% of chance to win the sketch of the week.

How and when do you select the winner of the week?
Each friday, a PHP script randomly select a winner in the waiting list. After verification (see note), I then sent them a private message, asking for their request.
Note: winners showing no interest in my art are removed from the list and another person is selected.

Who is the winner of the week?
The latest winner (week 49 of 2019) is shinyibitak (DeviantArt).

They have won a free sketch